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Coming of Age: Ms Alabi

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something to be Viewed

Ms Alabi shares four quick scenes which have shaped who she is today. They fit into the theme of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something to be Viewed. Can you create your own version?

Something Old

Though this isn’t too old, it is an important moment in my past when I felt very grown up! This is me walking across the stage at my university graduation to collect my certificate. I remember getting very emotional all day because I realised how much hard work I had put in over the last three years – it had all paid off and I graduated with honours!

Something New

Well, very soon, I will start a new position at Bolingbroke that will form another important part of my coming of age story! I hope I will learn how to be a better leader, teacher and be able to support pupils even more! I also hope it sets me on the path to be a headteacher some day!

Something Old

"If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well." My mother always said this to me when I was younger, especially when I would get fed up at school or I didn't want to do my Saturday chores. This advice has stuck with me into adulthood and it is something I remember when I want to give up or do something with half effort. It reminds me that if something is important, whether you know it or not at the time, always work hard at it!

Something to View

My something to view is my family – this is when we went on holiday to Dubai about 8 years ago! They have always formed part of my experiences in life and they make me who I am every day! My hope for my future coming of age story is to be able to go on more holidays and adventures with them and make new memories!

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