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Zara in Year 7 discusses the POWER of raising awareness for important issues and having your VOICE heard. Zara said: I wrote this poem to raise an issue which matters the most to me: racism. Everyone knows about it, everyone hears about it, some are even discriminated by it: but sometimes it feels as though nothing happens. I named my poem ‘Nothing Happens’ as people need to be aware of this global crisis. If I were to have the POWER to remove racism from the world, I would. But a single person cannot make a major change like that. It takes everyone on this planet to fix it. But the POWER I have right now is this: to raise awareness.

Nothing Happens

People see it in the news, but nothing happens

Headlines on The Guardian. I just wish we could erase them

‘I can’t breathe,’ Floyd once said, but nothing happens

‘She sat on the bus.’ Proving gender and race equality. But nothing happens

Mass Genocides go forward without hesitation. But nothing happens

A small voice chirps from the corner of an American Police Station:

‘We are all human. No one should be positions on a chessboard.”

Nothing Happens

But some still have hope

Like me

We all have two eyes, two ears, one nose and one mouth.

That’s when I challenge to ask:

“Why are we all treated


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