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Salma from the Key Stage 4 Editorial Team shares her brilliant recipe for Somali Laxoox.

We are asking all of you to submit your recipes in the same way for the next theme. Please send us:

- A photo of your food

- A reason why the food is special to you

- A recipe to create your dish

We are currently in discussion with Franco Manca on Northcote Road for prizes for a first, second and third place entry!

This is a traditional dish in Somalia. Depending on whether you live in the north or south of Somalia, the name differs. In the north, it’s called Laxoox (pronounced lahoh), but in the south it is called Canjeero (pronounced anjeero). My family and I come from North Somalia, otherwise known as Somaliland. There are different cultures and different opinions between the north and south, however, this dish is what brings us together. It is a type of spongy pancake that can be cooked as spongy and soft, or crispy and flat. The shape varies to your taste. It can be eaten with stew (which in my opinion is the most delicious!) or with honey drizzle, which tastes the best in the morning on a crispy one.

Growing up, my parents would often make a normal British pancake or a thick American style one, but none of them could ever beat the traditional Laxoox. My mother would casually make it every Sunday morning. I often remember the delicious smell of pancake in the morning; I would be the first down to try and get the first couple of crispy and warm batches. I would then drizzle a spoon of honey on the top, fold it into a triangle and eat. My mother still makes this every Sunday. Although now, as a teenager, I come down slightly later, I still manage to grab some and drizzle it with honey.

A memory always emerges when I eat this in the mornings. I went to Somaliland for the first time in 2018. Everything I thought I knew about the country perished as soon as I stepped off the aeroplane. Driving through deserts, having picnics on mountains and swimming with dolphins, I experienced everything and anything. I visited my grandmother's hometown in the countryside and all I could remember was driving through the dark in three small cars with my family. Our uncle’s car broke down in the middle of nowhere. We were told not to make any noise because there were people sleeping in their homes. Suddenly, his car alarm had gone off and everyone tried to quickly shut it down as I saw a man in the distance come out of his house with a torchlight and a gun. I ran back into the car and found out by one of my family members that the area where we broke down was in a tribal war over land. Luckily, we managed to get out of there and reach my grandmother's house before sunrise. Getting out of the car, I remember looking up at the dark sky and seeing rows and rows of brightly glowing stars, memorizing the pattern and staring in awe. As we got in, fresh food awaited us, Laxoox. A huge fresh batch for my family and me. Instead of honey, we had it with stew which was much more filling and delicious. Tucking into this appetizing dish drained all worries as I felt warm, full and at home. The recipe and method:

  • 1 cup Self- rising flour

  • 1 cup brown flour

  • Pinch of salt

  • 2 cups of water

  • Put both cups of flour in a bowl

  • Add the salt and water

  • Mix the mixture until smooth and runny

  • Pour onto a pan in an outward circular motion

  • Fry for 1-2 minutes

  • Finally, flip, sizzle and enjoy!

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