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Stephen, our very own Key Stage 4 and 5 Chief Editor, shares his computer designed image for the upcoming theme of POWER!

Stephen was interviewed by Caitlin and Marwan about how he created the image and what inspired him:

What's happening in this image?

This image is based on the movie 'A Monster Calls' which is all about a young boy who is struggling to cope with his mother's illness. He turns to the power of his imagination to find strength, morphing a tree outside of his house into a super hero support system. I wanted to depict how the power of imagination can bring us great strength.

Why is boy's face left blank?

I purposefully left the face blank to suggest it can represent everyone and anyone. The power of imagination is universal. That's also why the tree hero is so large. With great imagination comes great power.

How did you create the image?

I created multiple layers of sketching for the background, foreground and tree, then merged them using Clip Studio, which is an online drawing software. I use a stylus on my laptop to draw the intricate lines.

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