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Alexis, our sub editor for KS3, shares a heartfelt drawing of her what the weather in Ghana means to her.

This drawing expresses the feeling each time I am in in Ghana with my family. Ghana is known for its culture, but more than anything the singular thing I always recall is the beautiful weather. The sun is truly different in Africa. It gives you this feeling that everything will be alright. Whenever I come back to England, I miss the glorious sun.

Ghana is my home. I am proud of it.

In my culture and in the African community, we always wear colours that are very bright. This is because dark colours have connotations with death. The yellow dress and the African print headscarf represent the woman's happiness but also her culture. She is wearing that dress to show off to everyone that she is proud of her culture, and where she is from, because it is a part of her whole existence.

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