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Sarah, our Chief Editor of KS3, shares a review of the Disney+ documentary 'Continent 7'.

Disney+ is one of the newest editions to our streaming services, and with this, we have seen a new collection of documentaries! National Geographic have a new series called ‘Continent 7: Antarctica,’ which explores the skilfully ambitious highs and lows of the 7th continent. The series’ second episode explores the challenges faced by a close-knit team of scientists on their exploration of the white desert as they get stranded from the rest of their team, with limited food and, ultimately, too many mouths to feed.

A snowstorm above the manageable range strikes the scientists and they are left isolated with limited supplies, awaiting a helicopter for rescue. We explore the dangers of both the land and the sky through the weather conditions, discovering the intense challenges that come with this wild form of adventure.

Overall, the level of suspense in the show really kept me on the edge of my seat and allowed me to watch something I was definitely not used to! Fans of ‘Into the Grand Canyon’ and ‘Wild Yellowstone’ (also on Disney+) would love this thrilling adventure of uncharted territories!

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