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Guardians of the galaxy review

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 hit cinemas nationwide on the 3rd of May and has already become a huge success with over $500 million in global sales. The film includes many flashbacks and is mainly about how Rocket the racoon was created. We also get to see a flashback from when Peter was a child and explore Peter's backstory a bit more as well as getting to see what happens to the group without Gamora and where Gamora ended up.

I really like how we get to see how Rocket’s life was before he joined the guardians. It is also how about how he escaped his creator, the High Evolutionary, a man who feels as if the perfect society all starts in an animal testing lab. Rocket then escapes but the High Evolutionary tries to do everything to get him back. Overall, it’s a great film packed with action and humour.

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