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Book Nook: Heartstopper! The World's Most Heartwarming Novels

Heartstopper (a series of graphic novels and more lately a Netflix series) is an adorable modern teen romance that has inspired many young people to be their own unique selves. It focuses on the struggles of what young teenagers face and the LGBTQAI+ community.

It is based on 14-year-old Charlie Spring forming a crush on popular rugby player Nick Nelson after they bonded on whether it is appropriate to do your homework on the way to maths. It is undeniably gripping, but at the same time wholesome, leaving you with the sensation of being hugged.

Charlie has been open about his sexuality since Year 9 and has been bullied up until Year 10. Charlie has a secret sort-of-boyfriend, Ben, who meets up with him in the library at break time, but who picks on him when they are in front of their peers. When Ben progresses from treating him coldly, to getting a girlfriend and then belittling him when they are together, Nick comes to the rescue, and their friendship gradually builds towards something else.

These graphic novels are targeted at young teens, who could be unsure about their sexuality, or want to learn more about diverse communities. Absolutely any reader can relate though, as they showcase feelings and challenges that occur in everyday school life for most secondary-age people. It carries emotion and emphasizes young love.

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