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HERITAGE: KS3 Commended

Zoe-Love in Year 7 shares a brilliant poem about her Ghanaian heritage. Zoe-Love said: This is my poem called Ghana and Me. It is about me and the country where my mum and my dad both originate from. Ghana has a special place in my heart and there is no force in this world that can change that. I think this poem portrays my love for Ghana and how dear it is to me.

Ghana and Me

The culture burns bright in both Ghana and me,

The sight of the sea is such a specialty.

From fashion to drumming,

Oh, the options keep me running.

The passion is the same in Ghana and me:

The sun and the sea,

Is like Ghana and me.

Distant yet attached,

There is no better match.

The roots of this country are what ignite me,

They keep me going, it is my heritage you see,

Nothing can compare

To Ghana and me.

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