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Alexis wins for this creative and powerful piece which takes the form of a letter to her future self. Alexis said: This is something I wrote which speaks about my heritage, my identity, and who I am. This writing is called, I HOPE. It is a letter I write to my future self.


Hey, I hope you are okay.

Still Alive.

Thriving in whatever it is that you've put your mind to.

I hope the people are more aware around diversity, and I hope the people know what it means to be a woman.

In my current state of life (2021) my race and gender are a big part of my identity; it’s who I am, and I hope it still is, in the future. As a female, let alone a black one, I know you went through some pain. The times when you didn't feel accepted, the times when you didn't feel appreciated, the times when you didn't even feel loved. I hope that constant pain is gone. Do you remember when mum use to juggle three jobs just so you could be comfortable and have a normal childhood? I hope you are taking care of her. Treating her like the black queen that she is. I hope she knows how grateful I am.

So, what are you now, a lawyer? Or the first black prime minister, like Ms Hodge always said you would be? Do you remember the question you used to ask? “Because I am black, will I ever succeed in the world of law and politics?” As a young child, this was your frequent question. When you should have been thinking about clothes, food or music, your race was your constant thought. Perhaps you have done some greater good in the world now. People are starting to realise that #BlackExcellence is a thing and that we are people destined for greatness. Now I get people staring at you because of your Afro hair. I mean, it's beautiful, but it’s not what they expect.

Blonde, straight hair…

I hope your hair is still as curly and full of life as you will be, bouncy and juicy just the way you are.

Are you representing the Ghanaian flag on your head? Do not listen to the stigma! It brightens up your face! I want you to know that not everyone will be accept you or like you. But don’t let your ethnicity be a hurdle to any path you take. People will want you because you are smart. People will want you because you are beautiful. But mostly, people will want you because you are black, and nobody can take that away from you.



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