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HERITAGE: Year 7 Winner

Ilias in Year 7 wins for this brilliant poem and poster celebrating his heritage. Ilias said: I created my poem because I wanted to express how I feel about my unique heritage as I come from a mixed background. I have experienced a lot of good times and also bad times because of my heritage, but I am proud of my Chinese family and my Moroccan family.


I stroll down the street knowing that I’m uniquely me.

I wonder who else is there, who is half Moroccan half Chinese?

With Islam as my faith, I walk proud and tall with my head held high,

Saying bye to those who want to put me down.

I pray five times a day to my one and only God,

Give to charity to those who are in need,

Fast during Ramadan, self-control from sunrise to sunset,

Celebrating Eids with my family and friends.

I eat delicious food: Chinese, Moroccan and all around the world.

You are welcome to come home with me and eat with my family.

From noodles to Raziza, dim sum to cous cous, abalone to tagine,

Moroccan chicken to Chinese chicken, I’m sure you’ll find a filling meal tonight.

After food we can do some Kungfu then talk and drink mint tea like the Moroccan’s do,

Expect some banter about which is the best country, China or Morocco. it’s up to you!

(I’d choose China to keep Mum happy!)

I’m grateful for living in a multicultural society,

Sharing and celebrating our differences and finding common similarities.

Be bold, be yourself, this is instilled in me.

Respect and equality run through me and my family.

I am proud to be me!

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