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HEROES: KS3 Commendation

Daphne in Year 7 writes a moving poem about her grandmother.

Daphne said: I wrote this poem because my grandma passed away a year ago, but to me she is a hero and will always be by my side. This poem expresses how I feel every day before going to sleep; I can always hear her voice even though she is not alive anymore. To me, my Grandma was my everything and I really wish she could have stayed with us a bit longer.

My Amazing Grandma

One quiet day an angel came

And this angel took my grandma away

I was really sad watching her go

But I remember her watching me grow

She was really nice and respectful

To me she was just beautiful

One day in my sleep

I could hear her but her voice was weak

She told me I was an amazing granddaughter

And I told her that she was my hero

You do not need to be alive to be my hero

Because to me

You will always stay with me no matter what

And you will keep an eye on us

From the sky.

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