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HEROES: KS3 Commendation

Imogen in Year 7 writes a poem dedicated to Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

Imogen said: Anne Frank is my hero because she was courageous and never stopped hoping. She always saw the best in people and was very forgiving.

Anne Frank Poem

The window was a breath of fresh air

to Anne. The only escape she found was there.

She would lovingly look at the sky

thinking, I want to go on living after I die.

As her relationship grew tighter

she knew that she wanted to be a writer.

Friends are on their way,

we could be free one day.

They were forced out of their hiding place,

packed everything they loved into a case,

bundled onto a train,

never saw them again.

She had to say goodbye

but she still had a glint in her eye.

They took everything so that she couldn't cope

But no one could take her hope.

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