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HEROES: KS4 Commended

Bella in Y11 shares a poster about all the heroes who have defied the odds and inspired us all throughout lockdown.

Bella said: I have drawn a picture of some of the people who have defied the odds and walked/ rolled for the NHS. All inspired by Sir Captain Tom Moore, people from around the country have set their own challenges. Depressing and frightening, lockdown was thrust upon us in an undignified, confusing way, but in front of us was a 99-year-old war veteran who would not give in. If Sir Tom could find the courage to walk on, so could we. His service in the war reminds us that we are not alone in our suffering and previous generations have survived times tougher than this. Sir Tom has been a role model, a hero, to so many people in the UK: defying the boundaries of age and prevailing not only through a world war but a pandemic. Leaving our world at the round age of one hundred, if Sir Tom could inspire a nation, there is no excuse for us.

Not only do I have a great respect for Sir Tom, but for everyone who has made their own commitments to this country and others around the world. We must look to everyone who has heroically acted, those from BAME communities, disabled people, young and old who may have fallen behind Sir Tom’s shadow. Any charitable act is an act of heroism, no matter how much money is earned, and to all the people who has raised money for charity, I thank you.

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