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LGBTQ+: KS4 Commended

A brave poem by an anonymous poet about the difficulties of 'Coming Out'. Our poet said: I created this poem to show people what life is like 'in the closet', fearing how people will treat you when you 'come out', and how your life is forced to be something you aren't. Behind all the closed doors, you just want to be accepted.

Liking pics because I think a straight person would.

Oh, I wish I could just be understood!

No one knows the truth about my sexuality.

People around me still act like it’s abnormality.

Trying to fit in is hard; all it does is leave you scarred.

Behind closed doors I smile at pictures

Of those who don’t care about written scriptures.

Each day I stare up in the sky

And dream of the day I can fly high.

My heart yearns for chocolate

Until the day I come out the closet.

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