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HEROES: KS5 Winner

Charlotte in Year 13 wins for this moving poem in honour of her aunt who sadly passed away in January. Charlotte said: My aunt was a big part of my life and she helped shape me to become the person that I am today. She was a gardener so I represented her with a flower. I will always link the two together. She showed me kindness and compassion. She would go out of her way to help others and has inspired me to become a nurse.

My Hero

A blossoming flower

bobbing in the breeze

pointing me towards the light

leading me along my path.

You were my sunlight for so long

but I am past you now and must carry on.

Though I cannot take you with me

I will remember you by the image

of a blooming flower imprinted in my mind.

And one day in the future our paths may cross again.

But until that day comes I remember you with a smile.

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