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Jack Petchey "Speak Out" challenge

On Friday 27th of January 2023, Bolingbroke Academy held their annual Jack Petchey event, inviting a group of year 10s to practice and perform speeches, helping inspire young people to be more confident in public speaking.

Jack Petchey came from humble backgrounds in the East End and rose up to become an incredibly successful businessman with an estimated net worth of £500 million. Sir Jack set up the Jack Petchey foundation to inspire and celebrate young people and has invested over £150 million on this since 1999. The Jack Petchey speak out challenge is just one many opportunities the foundation offers to young people nationwide.

The Jack Petchey workshops and events were made to inspire young people to speak publicly in front of a large group of people and to improve their confidence. It involves writing a speech of your choice a presenting it in front of a group of people.The process starts in the Workshop and if you are selected by the judges you move onto the assembly final. The next stages include a regional final, semi-final and finally the grand final where the winner will win a trophy and the title of ‘Grand Champion’.

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