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LGBTQ+: KS3 Commended

Electra in Year 8 shares a moving and motivational message about the task of coming out to your family and friends.

What It’s Like to Come Out

Talking about your sexuality with your family can be tough. Yet ironically, they are usually the most supportive and will always love you. They will think you're brave for telling them how you feel.

Your friends and your classmates might be easier to tell, but here we sometimes find the real issue. You might tell your closest friend and they might decide not to be your friend anymore. They may not understand that this isn't a choice, that this is who you are.

News of your sexuality will likely travel like wildfire. People might make you feel ashamed, scared and alone because you were brave enough to be yourself.

But trust me, things will get better. Ignore the glances and rumours you get at school. Classmates can feel threatened by difference. Thanks to your family and your true friends, you'll realize that you're normal and you don't have to feel isolated or frightened any more.

You will be proud of who you are. You will hold you head high. You won't look back!

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