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LGBTQ+: Year 10 Winner

Nasra wins for this thought provoking poem about gender stereotypes. Nasra said: The poem is about a girl who gets told by her teacher that she is confused for not liking the colour pink. It is loosely based on a time I was called out and picked on in front of my class by a teacher when I was in Reception. My mum was the supportive person who went to the school and got the teacher to apologise.


Today, I was told I was confused

I searched what the meaning of confused was

Bewildered, came the suggestion

I didn't know what that was supposed to mean though

So I looked at the synonyms


It didn't seem to work in my brain though

I mean, I'm a human

Not a bunch of toys

All muddled up!

So what did they mean by calling me confused?

I looked at another synonym

Demented, according to Google

Apparently, an informal British definition is

Someone behaving irrationally

Due to anger, distress or excitement

I asked Mummy and Daddy and they asked me who said that

I replied to them

They told me not to use it

But we're British, I said

And that was when they told me

"Sweetie, not everything you hear will be correct or true"

So I asked whether I was confused

Their eyebrows went down, and crinkled

Into the middle of their faces

And their noses scrunched up

Eyes widening in what I later learnt was worry

They asked what happened

I told them the story

Miss told us to pick some paper to make some art

There was blue and pink

She said for the boys to pick blue and the girls to pick pink

So, the boys chose blue, and the girls chose pink

I didn't like pink though

I liked blue

So I picked



Miss stopped me.

All the kids laughed

She did too

She called me confused

They did too

I told her I didn't like pink

She laughed again

They did too

She said:

"What sort of


Doesn't like


You're confused

And when you grow up, you'll get it"

She laughed again

They did too

But I didn't find it funny

I wanted to cry

Mummy and Daddy pulled me onto the sofa

And hugged me

Daddy stood up and went to the phone

He called the school and told them

The story

"How could you tell a 6 year old that?"

Mummy stroked my hair and whispered in my ear

Telling me I was perfectly fine

And not confused.

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