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LGBTQ+: Year 9 Winner

Joseph in Year 9 wins for his insightful article about the worrying rise in fake sexuality identities.

Fake Sexualities are Getting Out of Hand

What is happening with all these new fake sexualities appearing on social media? What is the problem with them? Well, we will investigate these questions today.

People have started making weird new sexualities that were supposedly a part of the LGBTQIA+ Community. These new sexualities are not a part of the community and in fact are mocking it altogether. Here are some examples of some that have sprouted from boredom: Animesexual, Plantsexual, Dreamsexual. It is damaging the reputation of LGBTQ+ because they damage the idea of loving who you love. It is a joke people are using to damage the close-knit society of minorities. This influences people who are already homophobic to attack the community and degrade them further. Speaking on behalf of the community, these sexualities are invalid and are not funny to act like you are a part of.

It can be dangerous. Homophobic hate crimes have almost trebled in the past five years alone since same-sex marriage became legal in England and it is not helping the community for these fraudulent sexualities to have been made. Instead of mocking the community, perhaps there are ways to help. For example, if you really feel this way, which is unlikely, you could consider yourself as a sexuality aside from the community and stop talking about letters in the title referring to a fake sexuality. You are spreading fake news. On the other hand, if you are just mocking LGBTQIA+, then you should try and picture it from the side of people who are a part of the community. We see these stories spread day to day over social media apps such as Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and even Tiktok. The worst part is they keep coming and coming with new ones every day, enough to start a new community altogether. It hurts us having to watch homophobes and transphobes believing its real.

If you see these posts on any social media platform, I encourage you to stand up to the person posting and telling them that their sexuality is not real and is insulting LGBTQ+ people around the world. Some of these sexualities do come across as funny, but that does not justify it. Most are simply insulting. It is a steadily growing problem which is why I am writing this article today. This needs to stop. So please, get out there and debate for LGBTQIA+ dependence and rights to not suffer any longer.

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