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NATURE: KS3 Commended

Kevin in Year 8 shares his thoughts on the cycle of nature and life. It is stark, thought-provoking, and deeply intelligent. Kevin said: I wanted to picture the cycle of life, how it grows and gets destroyed, only to be reborn. I wanted to show beauty that was hidden away and how death also has its silver lining.

Cycle of Life

Winds blow towards the horizon as the world, full of vivid colours and vast diversity, spins around. The sun shines upon the world as life emerges from the rays. Grass and flowers cover fields of the wide plains and forests. The blue, clear sky connects with the land sharing the contrast within heaven and earth. You wonder how this world was created.

Clouds rush through the sky, turning it red. A loud gunshot sound can be heard in the distance. Torrential rain follows as lightning strikes the ground. Winds cease to blow but shoot through like a bullet. A ginormous bolt of lightning strikes the grass, burning it. As the world burns, destruction is called forth. Life drains from this world. Everything dies.

Darkness surrounds us as little life strives to continue. The grass burnt, flowers wilted, lakes torn apart and the forest no more. Shadows lurk between the remains that once bloomed with life. Now they wilt and die. Darkness fills their hearts as they slumber into eternal sleep. Why is it so cold? Why is it so dark? What's happening? Thoughts cannot last as the withering life was torn away.

Although it is truly dreadful and unfair, it’s life.

It shall grow anew.

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