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NATURE: KS3 Commended

Millie in Year 8 shares her wonderful poem celebrating the diversity of life beneath the seas.

In the underworld life, my mind is a constant current and my heart a ripple of the sea.

The rising roar surf hits the shore, making repetitive music, giving peace to souls.

This underworld shows off this blaze of colour with a parade of beautiful creatures.

If poetry is an ocean, you can hear the beauty in its words.

Charming fish, dainty finned, they hide among the seaweed beds.

Sea turtles in the deep blue sea roaming free.

Shark's swimming - deep, dark down below, high tides and wild waves watching those who come too close.

The waves whisper to people, calling their name to come to the soft sand.

The water sweeps over my feet, surrounds where I stand.

The sea is as near as we come to another world.

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