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News Feature: All that Chicago!

By Sarah and Nat

All that Chicago!

The Chicago Rehearsals are now taking place providing new excitement for many students. Some lucky students got a call back after auditions in September and gained their places in the show! The live shows will take place between February 9th and11th 2021!

The teachers leading this special occasion are Ms Breckon, Ms Murphy and Ms Tibbetts. Ms. Breckon said, "It is very exciting to work with students from year seven to year thirteen. Everyone is absolutely brilliant and working very hard."

Ms. Tibbetts, our head of Maths, and also head of choreography in Chicago, stated that she, ‘Thoroughly enjoyed choreographing in the show because I get to see a different side to the students outside of Maths. I look forward to every Wednesday and Friday when I get to see them!" Tom in Year 9 said that Ms. Tibbetts is, "A great dance teacher. She takes her time going through each step which is very useful in teaching us the full choreography."

Ms. Murphy, our drama teacher, and head of acting for the play, told us that, "It is a really fun role. It is great to work with the students and stage the scenes." Valentina in Year 9 stated that Ms. Murphy is brilliant with the acting side of the play and really helps everyone reach the depth of the characters.

This event will be one of our ten celebrations for our tenth anniversary of this school, so this is very special for all participants. This experience will teach and improve on everyone’s skills in acting and possibly even help conquer their stage fright. It may also teach them to work as a group and truly show the caring and compassionate part of our community!

A memorable event was during Open Day, where students Eve and Tom wonderfully acted out a singing scene and even included some of the tour guides showing parents around the school. It brought a crowd of viewers to come into the room to watch them and received some applause at the end as their emotions truly carried out the scene.

The Bark spoke to two students involved in the performance, Mariam and Eliza in Year 11. Both stated that the idea of performing in front of a live audience is electrifying, especially as Eliza opens the musical with the first line! We asked them a few more questions and their answers are detailed below:

*Q1. What part of being in the musical this year are you most looking forward to ?* Mariam's answer: "Performing in the musical live in front of an audience" Eliza's answer: "Opening the show - I have the first line!"

*Q2. What is your favourite part of the rehearsals?* Mariam's answer: "Learning the choreographies" Eliza's answer: "Putting the singing with the dancing at the end of the rehearsal"

*Q3. What is your favourite song in the musical?* Mariam's answer: " 'My own best friend' " Eliza's answer: " 'We both reached for the gun' "

*Q4. What is your favourite line of the whole show?* Mariam's answer: "(when Roxie shoots Fred) 'Nobody walks out on me.' " Eliza's answer: "(before We both reached for the gun) 'Notice how his mouth never moves - almost"

*Q5. Can you give us a clue about your costume?* Mariam's answer: "Think 1920s..." Eliza's answer: "Think circus master!"

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