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News Feature: Geography Field Trip

By Nasra

At the end of last term, the Year 12 Geographers went on a fieldwork trip to Dorset. Ms Taylor, their teacher, said the purpose of the trip was multifaceted: the fieldwork element of A Level Geography is compulsory, but students also benefitted from getting to, “Visit geographical landforms covered in the A level Geography specification.” She added that the trip would even provide opportunities beyond the A Level course, proving “A point of discussion for later job interviews and applications.”

Students were given the chance to experience and witness firsthand the incredible geographical processes occurring on landforms near the coast. They visited landmarks such as Durdle Door and Old Harry Rocks, pictured below:

Students measured many different geographical variables for their coursework, including wind speed, temperature change, and the shape of the land. Using specialist equipment helped them to have fieldwork experience which would have been unable to occur in previous years due to the pandemic.

One of the other activities the students did was rock climbing. Bella described the comic moments, saying how, “Some of the boys pretty much leaped up the cliff face like a billy goat.”

Ms Taylor had much praise for all these amazing Geographers, lauding their incredible work throughout the trip. Students who particularly stood out were Bella: “Her contributions to the fieldwork were phenomenal,” and Kapi and Vazey: “Their DJ-ing skills kept the morale high.” She finally added, “The sense of community the pupils developed was exceptional, they were all supportive of each other and there was a real team spirit.”

Well done Y12 Geographers!

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