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News Feature: Joseph's Sailing Award

By Electra

Joseph in Year 10 shared his experiences with me about completing his RYA Competent Crew course. This brilliant achievement is the first of many certificates that will lead him to becoming a full day skipper! Joseph's father, Fred, said, "Joseph has been fantastic. He now has plenty of experience to share on navigation in heavy weather, at night, and with interacting with four other adults on the boat." Ms Tibbett's, Joseph's Civitas teacher, said, "This is a wonderful achievement."

During the winter, Joseph will be studying his theory in order to pass his full examination in the spring. From all of us at The Bark, bravo!

Terrifyingly, part of the course involved sailing at night, though Joseph said this actually offered him his favourite views of the expedition. He told me he could see, "All the phenomenal stars and the gleaming lights on the coast." Another highlight of the voyage was when the crew were in a whipping storm with 30 knots of wind. Joseph said he, "Enjoyed the challenge of attempting to steer while the wind overpowered the boat." There was also an exciting yet stressful moment was when their boat got stuck in a sand bank. It took more than half an hour of strenuous and back breaking work to set themselves free again.

Joseph started sailing at a very young age because his dad is a fan of the sport. He joined his sailing club at the age of six. It was love at first sight, except now he helps mentor other students as well as training to be a full-time sailor.

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