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News Feature: OPEN DAYS

By Leonore, Philippe and Keyra

On Thursday 7th and Saturday 9th, Bolingbroke hosted their annual Open Days. Children and adults of all ages came to see our marvelous school. Bolingbroke students were working around the clock touring and helping out in departments. Teachers looked their smartest and everyone represented this prodigious academy wonderfully. Here are some of the highlights in the English department where we were based.


On open day, the English department opened its doors to the public and did an excellent job of luring the citizens into the academy with the fantastic results we receive in Literature at this school. Many helpers from all over Year 8 showed up to assist with the workshops. In front of SO7, lines of tables and books welcomed the people with open gates. A murder mystery took place on the left and a spectacular creative writing task on the right. The people gravitated all around the room and soon, the students were rushing from person to person, loaded with wondrous work from the future attendees. Before long, the boards were filled to the brim with paper and the work was done. Phenomenal results after a phenomenal day.


Open day continued on Saturday 9th October. Members from all around our community joined in on this event. As more and more people flooded through our open gates, excitement and pride rose in the air. Our students and teachers succeeded in welcoming the future Bolingbroke members to their school. The English department, still located in S.07, was filled to the brim with visitors. The murder mystery still stood, but a new event was hosted. The Bark’s members, the reporters for our school magazine, came to help. On the right side of S.07, laptops were open, seats were positioned, and interviews were being held from left to right. Here are some of the highlights from exceptional parents to spectacular students.

Greg, a parent, said, "I really liked the presentation by the principal, that was absolutely fantastic. We also really thought that the music department was brilliant, and the sciences were fantastic as well. And to learn about The Bark magazine is inspirational."

Greg's daughter Aimee, a very enthusiastic hopeful student, said, "I really like the Sports Hall because of the expeditions and how they're working on many sports at one time. I especially like how they’re thinking about adding tennis into the school." She went on to say, "I would love to come to this school! It's my top choice. I would like to attend this school because of how organized it is and how interesting the curriculum is."

Stacey, a parent, said, "I always said that my children would go to this school," whilst another parent, Joanna, said, "This school is very student lead, as in the students have a lot of opportunities. I also love Art, so it has been a big highlight, and, also I love the crime scene here in English."

Finally, another hopeful student, Elizabeth, had this to say: "Bolingbroke is a very big school, which is exciting, and they get the children to tour which is really inspirational. I can't wait to begin and meet some new friends!"

All in all, it was a memorable day. The students and teachers did us proud and showcased the Academy at its very best!

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