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News Feature: Restless Return to Sports

By Emily and Noah

Over the past few weeks, Bolingbroke have ventured across Wandsworth in catching up on sports meets that have been lost over COVID. The P.E department's relief at the return of local events was palpable when we spoke to our Head of P.E, Ms Emosivwe: ‘As a department, we are extremely proud of the students that have taken part thus far and the results we have had, considering no fixtures or competitive games have taken place for almost two years, have been great. Seeing students participate in sport shows our excellence and embodies our school values through sport.’

Years 9,10 and 11 featured in a netball festival in mid-October, KS4 finishing their 8 games 3rd out of a whole range of local schools. Despite the near-torturous weather conditions, the players persevered through spurts of torrential rain - even drawing 2-2 with the eventual victors: Ms Emosivwe said, ‘For our Yr9 and Yr10/11 netball teams both gaining 4th and 3rd place (respectively) in their tournaments – what can I say? All the girls were spectacular!’

There was also a successful cross-country meet that was held recently. The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing as it prepared students for the London Youth Games! Ms. Emosivwe recalled that the stars of the events ‘had to be Zara in Year 8 who came 6th overall in her race’. She also recalls ‘Oscar from Year 10 who was also in top 10 position.’ She told us that the races had at least 50 students in each category so to achieve this was ‘no easy feat, but they rose up to the challenge and did excellently.’ Excitedly, she intends to put them forward as ‘firm contenders’ to be a part of the Wandsworth team in the London Youth Games. What a prospect for the months ahead!

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