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News Feature: Speech Day 2021

By Caitlin and Electra

Our annual Speech Day event is an opportunity to come together as an academy and celebrate the achievements of the previous year. This was the first time that the school had come together as an entire academy for two whole years. It was brilliant to have us all in one room once again.

Despite the anticipation as the winner is revealed, it is thrilling for all the friends and family of those who have been nominated. Even for those who are not up for an award, it is an opportunity to be a good friend to your classmates, listen to fabulous music. and hear from an inspiring person!

The day got off with parents welcomed into Transformation House to music played by our very own Bolingbroke students. Our Head Boy and Head Girl, Fred and Nya, welcomed us and discussed what they hoped to achieve in their last year at Bolingbroke. Ms Edis also gave an inspiring speech about dyslexia and how she overcame the challenges of her diagnosis to make a success of herself in education.

A real highlight of our Speech Day was the talk from Lucy Heller, the CEO of the entire Ark network of schools. We conversed with her after the event, and she described the day as, “A real testament to what the academy have built over the last decade”. Miss Heller said she enjoyed meeting all the staff and students as well as speaking to some of our alumni regarding their venture off to university. She picked up on the culture and ethos that has been created at Bolingbroke and says it is part of the reason that we are such a fitting example for other schools. We are very grateful that Lucy Heller was able to come and speak to us and hope she visits Bolingbroke sometime in the future.

Many awards were given to our wonderful Bolingbroke students. A full list of all winners and nominees can be found here on the school website. A massive congratulations to Smyth house who won Sports Day and also Erskine who won the House Cup!

Year 9 student Bethia, who won this year’s Religious Studies award, shared how terrified she felt as she walked in front of the big audience. Her heart pounding, her mind feeling anxious, she feared she was going to trip on the stairs as she went to receive her trophy. Bethia explained how she is fascinated by the role religion plays in our society and why certain people are not included in the Bible. She enjoyed discussing controversial topics such as abortion, politics, and communism through a religious lens and thanked Ms Worner for helping her consider many different viewpoints. Bethia feels it was her constant questioning of religion and desire to learn more that resulted in her winning the award and she continues to read further into the subject. Could you be the next Bethia? Keep working hard and be inquisitive in lessons and perhaps you will know what it feels like to walk onto the big stage!

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