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News Feature: Splendid Science Museum Trip

By Kevin and Nat

On Thursday 24th of October, the Science Museum in South Kensington captured the hearts of many Year 9s when they visited for a brilliant Geography trip. A special thanks to Ms Taylor who planned this trips for the whole year group! She has indeed worked very hard to plan this trip and it made for a wonderful day.

Ms Taylor told us about her favourite interest at the Science Museum: "I enjoyed seeing the world viewed from space at night. It showed us all the lights of different countries, then you could see North Korea so clearly in pure darkness, whilst the lights of South Korea shone brilliantly."

Ms Charan, who helped on the school trip, informed us of her views on her most striking display. She said, "The Information Age section was really revealing. It was interesting seeing technology that was new to me as a child on display as antiques, such as iPods and hefty desktop computers. It's amazing how far technology has progressed since then."

Another section of the museum was the interactive play. Nathalie, one of our reporters, found the play thoroughly enjoyable. She said, "The play interested me with all the electricity and cables on show. They also demonstrated how it all works with small puppets." As for another student, Ashtyn, she told us, "I really liked the coding/computer science part. I would definitely love to learn how to code like they did in the museum coding section."

But now for the finale: the most exciting event of all.... Drum Roll Please!

The IMAX cinema film! At the end of the trip, we all packed into the cinema. The screen was giant! The movie was based on Astronomy and focused on capturing outer space itself with 3D visual effects. From the Editorial Team, Keyra told us her opinions on the IMAX film: "The IMAX was so lifelike - it felt like I could touch everything in front of me. It was amazing!"

All in all, it was a BRILLIANT trip, and Year 9 are so grateful to the Geography team for taking us on such a memorable day out!

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