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News Feature: The Bark Revamp

By Maya and Keyra

The Bark is filled with many aspiring young writers with a high integrity for journalism. New members have joined The Bark on our journey to spread positivity and update you on the newest Bolingbroke events. This remarkable club takes place on Wednesday afternoons, in SO4 and always has room for more topics and talents. This year we are taking a complete revamp in our work.

First of all, The Bark will be reporting on lots of different events from around the school. All of these pieces will be visible on our brand new website at the top of the home page!

We will also be working closely with teachers to promote amazing work completed by students. This new section will be called Subject Stars! We will interview Teachers and Students, photograph brilliant work, then write up a story about what they did. Will your work be chosen? If you think you've completed some great work, ask your teacher to make you a student star!

Furthermore, we will write up a variety of different articles related to a theme for each half term. The first Theme is… THE START! We need stories, poems, music, drama, art, cartoons, videos, sculptures, photographs – literally EVERYTHING!!! Please send us your work at the following email address: You can view all of our upcoming themes on the website!

Mr. Dixon, who organizes the Bark, said, ‘"We have a wonderful cross section of students from across the whole academy. It's so exciting to see so many enthusiastic Barkers with a thirst for journalism and writing. With Bolingbroke Academy celebrating 10 years of outstanding education, there are so many events this year to report on. On top of that, we have brilliant students completing fantastic work in all their subjects. The new-look Bark will give more opportunities to have that work shared! We can't wait to make all voices in the school heard.”

We also spoke to a Year 11 student, Emily, who takes part in the Bark. She said, “I think the revival of the Bark has and will increase the community spirit of Bolingbroke. Of course, we did have it in lockdown, but now there is more of a reportage sense. I’m really glad to see the magazine has differentiated to be more about working together to provide news for the school.”

Another member of The Bark told us, “I'm excited for it. Definitely, it's great to be part of a change. I recommend everyone to take part in this amazing opportunity we have been given.”

Overall, we are all super happy and excited for The Bark to begin.

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