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News Feature: Year 12 Trip to Oxford

By Alexis and Youma

Starting a new school for some and a new year for all, it came as a surprise that the Year 12s were going on a school trip to Oxford university. It has been an incredibly difficult two years that we have all endured as an effect of Covid-19, but it was a great way to start the year, getting to know new people, meeting old friends, and bonding as a newly found Bolingbroke family.

The Oxford trip was full of so many activities such as kayaking, a treasure hunt and a lecture from Matthew Williams, a fellow at Jesus College. Nevertheless, Year 12 were able to naturally gravitate around each other and form an instant bond in their various sessions, which is extremely significant as they were already exhibiting the core values presented by Bolingbroke Academy: compassion, courage and a community empowering excellence.

This trip showed that despite all the troubles faced by the class of 2022, they are ready to tackle any obstacles along the way whilst trying their best to always enjoy their sixth form journey. It is a refreshing and brave sight to see.

Diving deeper into what the day had to offer, Ms Alabi, the Head of Year 12, had this to say: The Oxford Trip was a real adventure for many of our Year 12s. Though we were all up and at school in the wee hours of the morning, the enthusiasm and joy on the coach really set the day up for success! The sunshine and punting was a highlight of the day with the latter really a test of teamwork and leadership for the Year 12s. We also had the privilege of taking part in a taster lecture from Matthew Williams, a fellow at Jesus College. We discussed the meaning of the American flag, the importance of sleep, and what it would mean to live in a virtual universe.”

As a fellow sixth form student in year 13, I can confirm that all Bolingbroke school trips are always a delight to be a part of. Not only are they enjoyable, but they're also a great learning experience, a time to find out more about ourselves whilst also to having the best fun with our friends and our teachers.

Ms Alabi continued by saying, “Year 12 really took the day in their stride with many contributing thought-provoking points during the lecture, particularly Freddie Birkett who, with much confidence and intrigue, questioned the infamous Bullingdon Club and Oxford's take on them. Matthew was extremely impressed with how confident and thoughtful many of our pupils were and we as a team were very proud of their ability to engage in complex and controversial topics.”

I was also extremely surprised to hear that the Year 12s broke the record of no one falling into the lake during punting. This shows the togetherness and teamwork already formed by these lovely scholars. It was also a delight to see that a pupil led a boat and sacrificed himself to keep his team dry! This again shows how courageous and fun this year's group is and will be!

One Year 12 student told The Bark Magazine, “The Oxford trip is definitely one to remember, an experience and a bundle full of memories. Coming into the sixth form I was very nervous but this trip made me feel included and I am excited to see what this year holds.”

A second student said, The day was full of excitement and joy. As the day went on, it just got more and more exciting. I am truly grateful to the school for arranging this trip. Thank you Bolingbroke”

And finally, a third student added, I really enjoyed the Oxford trip. It was a very nice opportunity to see the university. It really inspired me and the pictures we took illuminates our Joy."

The Bark is very excited to hear about all the wonderful joys that the new Year 12s will bring to Bolingbroke sixth form. Bravo all on a fantastic trip!

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