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News Feature: Year 7s Make a Shining Start

By Marwan

Only a month into the school year and the year 7s have already impressed everyone with their flawless adjustment into the academy. They’ve made their Head of Year, Ms Funnell, incredibly proud through their perseverance into a brand-new school atmosphere. The year 7s have truly illuminated courage as they remain resilient in their lessons, partaking in new subjects. But this was further proven in Summer School where they all bonded together through the various activities, reaching mind-boggling new heights at Go Ape.

Though they may have just recently joined Bolingbroke Academy, they’ve naturally progressed into role models of compassion, displaying politeness to the staff members and their fellow peers in and out of the school. Their learning and understanding of their new subjects is nothing short of excellence. It is wonderful to see them all wearing their Bolingbroke uniform with pride as they engage in their day-to-day activities. To quote Ms Funnell, “I cannot wait to see the journey they continue on this year and beyond!”

Summer School in August only lasted a week, but it truly felt like a year of progress with how much the children not only enjoyed it but also learned during it as well. As a student senate member and a year 7 ambassador, I found myself volunteering for Summer School. I also genuinely wanted to get to know the year group better before they officially settled in September. Truth be told, my expectations weren’t extremely high, as they had just arrived from Year 6, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pleasantly surprised with their exemplar behaviour.

On my first day, I visited each classroom, and as I aided the teachers, I couldn’t believe how focused the year 7s were, showing such kindness and hospitality to each other as they engaged in the classroom mini projects. When they began their cooking classes later in the week, they showed determination and resolution, making sure to carefully measure the amount of butter they used and to carefully weigh the flour. Mr Newey, the Head of Year 13 who also volunteered, said, “Pupils were showing teamwork and community values with people they’ve never met before,” In the end, they created delicious cookies which they thoroughly enjoyed after Go Ape.

Speaking of Go Ape, when it came to participating with the Year 7s in activity, I assumed everyone would feel the same way as I did all those years ago: a little excited but mainly scared.

I was wrong.

Every child showed fearlessness as they cleanly made their way around the course. Mr Newey mentioned that, “John, Paul and Kieron showed real courage and determination during the treetop exercise and were the only ones who kept up with me.” Well done!

For me, it was one child in particular, Leo, who displayed unmatched bravery, effortlessly making his way through the Go Ape Park, making sure to wait for me on the other side of the bridge when he could’ve easily just gone on. He was a true professional Go Ape-er. It honestly just goes to show how spectacular these year 7s are, highlighting their positive attributes to not only their peers, but to everyone around them.

However, I can’t mention the word ‘spectacular’ without also including Josiah. He was another amazing friend I made during my week of Summer School, but just like me, he was initially hesitant on completing Go Ape. I can’t even describe the level of unrivalled resolve and valour exhibited by Josiah as he managed to fully complete the Go Ape Course despite being cautious at first. I’m truly proud of him and every other member of year 7 for pushing past their limits and for their exemplary actions preformed during Summer School.

They are phenomenal people and, combined, they make an extraordinary year group.

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