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Subject Stars: Maths Geniuses!

By Maya and Hugo, Year 10

Ever heard of a 15-year-old Einstein? At Bolingbroke Academy, we have two students that are complete mathematical geniuses. Jules and Nasra are 15 and 16 years old and they are already learning Maths at degree level! Some Maths teachers have even admitted that they cannot do some of the sums they do!

Could they be the next Mr. Hegarty? Nasra is one of 50 people in the whole of the UK to complete every task on Hegarty Maths. There are a total of 925 tasks on Hegarty Maths, each containing at least 10 tricky questions, so this is a phenomenal achievement!

We interviewed Ms Davidson, who teaches both Jules and Nasra. Ms Davidson told us that, “It's really exciting for them to have the opportunity to be able to try these questions. This level of Maths is not something we ever show to GCSE students. What's really great to see is their team work; they love multistep problems that require a collaborative effort.”

These mega brains are so lucky to have such amazing teachers to support them through this very unique experience. They will continue to learn, challenge and even question the definition of what Matha is for a GCSE student. We feel that what they are doing is amazing, as they are doing some wonderful Maths work. Both Nasra and Jules are on track to achieve top results and dream careers thanks to the help of our wonderful Maths teachers at Bolingbroke. Bravo!

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