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Subject Stars: Y12 Biology

By Lucas and Leonore


Disclaimer: Some of the details of this article are NOT for the faint-hearted.

Recently, in Ms Padda's Yr. 12 Biology class, students carried out locust dissections and studied their anatomy up close under the microscope.

They were studying gas exchange systems of different organisms and looked at how our lungs, plants, fish and insects exchange gases.

Ms Padda told the Bark: "My students learned that insects have spiracles along their body, which are small holes that take in air. Oxygen is then transported through tubes called trachea and tracheoles to their cells." The students were able to carefully dissect the locusts before visualizing their impressive anatomy under the microscope.

Here are some pictures of their dissection. I personally think that these are kind of freaky, so leave now if you are squeamish!

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