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Subject Stars: Year 11 Poetry

Mr Dixon's Year 11 Literature class were recently studying a poem by Rupi Kaur which began with the line, ‘I want to apologize to...’ Before the students saw the poem, Mr. Dixon asked them to use the opening line to create their own version of the poem.

He asked the students to use a programme called Socrative which meant, ‘All of the poems would be visible to the rest of the class online’. Students then voted for their favourite and Nasra’s poem was selected the best.

As Mr. Dixon read the poem he stated, ‘I cannot believe that Nasra produced such publishable quality in such a short space of time’. The poem was an ‘apology to my younger self’, for perfection that was impossible. It represents the problems that some people suffer through, yet is also a very beautiful poem. Nasra herself, ‘Very much enjoyed writing the poem and am very happy to be chosen’.


By Nasra

I want to apologise to myself

for every single thing

i put myself through.

Little me was very much a perfectionist

and while that might be good at times

sometimes it can be suffocating,

sucking the life out of you.

Sorry for all the anger

I put inside you and for

everything you did

Sorry for closing you up

like a clam to the outside world

Sorry for the pressure

I put you under

All in the name of perfection

And sorry for making you grow up too fast

Stealing your childhood all to please others.

Little did i know

That perfection i would strive for

Was a lie


The only thing I could do

Was imperfection

Your flaws are beautiful.

So I want to once again apologise

To my younger self

Though in reality

It's more of an apology to soothe


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