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Subject Stars: Year 7 Art

By Nasra, Year 11

Year 7 have been studying the artworks of Wassily Kandinsky, but for the Art teachers, two students' work particularly stood out. Quincy created this amazing artist research page, studying the work of the artist and putting together the wonderful piece below.

On hearing that he was nominated for The Bark, a beaming Quincy summed up his feelings in one word: "Happy!" He commented that making the work was tiring, but also rewarding.

I personally love that Quincy has arranged his title in an interesting way, which is unique and unexpected to the viewer.

Ms Gougeon, Quincy's Art teacher, said, "This fabulous and original poster includes facts about the artist and is created by copying Kandinsky's style of work. He has carefully considered where to arrange information and images creating an eye-catching and balanced composition. Well done Quincey for an outstanding piece if independent work."

Mr Thomas, another Art teacher and Head of Year 9, said that the purpose of the work was 'to emulate [Kandinsky's] work and learn about the artist.' He continued: 'We were exploring the idea of line and colour which are two of the four elements. As part of this we were looking at abstraction through music, which was a main part of Kandinsky's process. To really understand the process and how this was developed, pupils were asked to research the artist themselves and create a page about the artist using his ideas.'

When asked why Hannah's work was chosen, Mr Thomas responded, "Hannah's work was incredible; she took inspiration from our GCSE pupils' work to create a well composed and Kandisnky-inspired end result."

On hearing about her work being nominated for The Bark, Hannah expressed that she was delighted. She described the process of creating the page as hard, but was proud of it.

I personally love this piece because it is created in a way which catches the viewer's eye, with information split up and organised in an amazing way. Well done both Hannah and Quincy from all of us at The Bark!

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