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Subject Stars: Year 7 Art Gallery

By Emily

Over the spring term, Year 7 have been tirelessly working on impressionism, culminating in some incredible final pieces! Ella, Quincy and Zoe-Li have created wonderful pieces of art that Mr Thomas and Ms Gougeon have put forward to be Subject Stars.

Mr Thomas said that Ella created, ‘The most amazing study of starry night’. I went to go see Ella’s art and she told me that they’ve been studying Van Gogh in their lessons. Mr Thomas gave them 15 minutes to focus on one part of the drawing. She told me she used, ‘Oil pastels and my finger to blend and create a beautifully dynamic and colourful take on ‘Starry Night’.'

Ella specifically enjoys Art because her grandad is an artist, so she has been influenced a lot at home. However, she added that she mainly ‘doodles’ at home, so this piece was a fun challenge:

Another student in the same class as Ella also stood out exceptionally for her work. Quincy drew a beautiful piece in coloured pencil that depicts her cat looking out of a window at the sunset. It also contains a radiator and some leafy vines which she drew all from her imagination. I personally think her use of colouring and layering is wonderful and creates a very comforting effect.

Mr Thomas told me that Quincy, ‘Clearly puts everything into her homework,’ and added that she consistently shows, ‘Great commitment to her learning and to excellence.' Quincy went ‘above and beyond’ with her work which I think we can all agree with.

Quincy told me that she really enjoys Art and would hope to do it at GCSE level in the future. She likes to just sit down and draw her feelings which is a very therapeutic process for her:

Ms Gougeon has also put a wonderful artist forward from her class. Zoe-Li has really stood out to her, appearing on Ms Gougeon’s ‘Artist of the Week’ board. She used acrylic paint to create an abstract take on Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ with a wide exploration of pigment and shading in her fantastic work.

She has gone above and beyond to do ‘Extension tasks exploring the use of colour and mark making as we are studying the impressionists and post impressionists,’ Ms Gougeon told me. Zoe-Li has used, ‘Colour to capture the world around them,’ and Ms Gougeon has commented on how, ‘These examples [of her work] show maturity above her years and should be congratulated.’

She also created another piece of work which shows her use of oil pastels and blending. She creates a very eerie look by using off-putting greys and greens, expressing very advanced knowledge of colour theory:

'We have been studying the Impressionists this term and the pupils have excelled themselves.' - Mrs Gougeon

All these student’s artwork is absolutely wonderful, and their hard work should be praised! They all deserve to be the Subject Stars of the Art - watch this space for more amazing work in the future!

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