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By Jake

For this week's subject stars, Jess has been selected from Year 7 for her brilliant trombone skills. Mr Alexander, Jess' instructor, said, “Jess has been learning the trombone for just over a month after showing a flair for the instrument in a brief taster session when she arrived at Bolingbroke. Right from our first lesson, it was clear the trombone was a great fit for Jess. She plays with confidence and already makes a great sound. Jess is a great member of our small group lesson and is always keen and ready to answer musical questions or demonstrate a solo on the trombone. It is a pleasure teaching Jess and I look forward to what I’m sure will be a fantastic year of Music making.”

When asked herself, Jess said, "It's so interesting to learn music on the trombone. It's really not easy and requires a lot of dedication. Unfortunately, the instrument is really loud and means I cannot take it home because it will probably annoy my mum and terrify my cat!"

Jess went on to say, "Mr. Alexander is great fun because he does really exciting activities in his lessons. I feel really excited to be selected for The Bark Subject Stars because it's really really nice to be noticed for doing great things."

Mr. Alexander is also my teacher for the trombone and I agree with all that Jess has said. I know that he is a really fun, interactive teacher and is really involved with music as well as running extra curricular activities after school; he is a great role model. Jess' playing is excellent. Well done to her. You can listen to her skills below. It's a very short recording of a Glissando, but it's a really hard sound to master. Well done Jess!

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