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Subject Stars: Year 7 Music

By Alisa, Year 10

Kamil is a Year 7 student who has, according to Ms Beard, his violin teacher, 'Learned to read music very quickly, leads the rest of the class, and has excellent technique as he practices diligently.'

At The Bark, we think that its a big achievement being able to learn and read music so quickly and being able to play so wonderfully. The piece Kamil plays below is called 'Bobby Shaftoe' and it really is beautiful. I learnt how to play the violin in Year 7 but was never able to achieve so much. Well done Kamil!

When Kamil was asked 'How do you feel?' he replied with, 'I feel great because I've never been chosen for something like this before. I really enjoy music because it's fun. Ms Beard is a very good teacher because she helps me play when I'm stuck and is always encouraging!'

This is amazing progress, Kamil, and we are really proud. Well done! Watch the video of him at work below:

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