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Subject Stars: Year 7 Poetry

By Isaac

Ms. Murphy has personally selected the best of the best poems from her Year 7 Grammar group. All of them were tasked with writing a poem about our great city of London. The results will take your Breath away.

Ms Murphy said about the poems: "The pupils studied the poem London by William Blake and were set the task of writing their own modern day version of London! They had the choice to create a positive, negative or balanced view of London and, as a stretch it task, were challenged to make their poem rhyme."

Ms Murphy went on to say, "A huge shout out to Sophie whose poem was chosen even though she was absent the day we studied William Blake’s poem. She created this work in the time that everyone was writing up their final draft! I really liked the personal touch of London as a part of Sophie and the important places and images for her. It was also great to see her stretch herself to including rhyme too!

"Bianca’s poem creates such strong imagery of London for me – I really enjoyed her balance of the less positive sides of London: litter and pollution, to ending on such a positive note of looking ahead to sunnier days! I think Bianca has done a fantastic job of re-creating William Blake’s work with a modern twist."

All of these poems are so so amazing! Everyone here at The Bark is very impressed. And here they are:


London's a place with a high population

London's a very famous location

Home of buses, houses and shops

And small places where people grow crops

Underground trains, footballs to kick

A large range of sports: so many to pick

London Eye and Big Ben

Basketball games held in a pen

London will always be

A large part of me

By Sophie


In London every street is full of bin bags

tins, wrappers, masks, and plastic

packets spread around the roads and

pollution that makes you choke and

bright lights at night

and sky-scrapers of great height

lots of dogs taking walks

people talking

and I see raindrops

on window panes

thinking of sunnier days.

By Bianca


London London, a broken city

The empty streets, a grimace of pity

The horrid sound of engine’s roar

Masks and cigarettes, littered on the floor

The people walking on their phones,

Teen boys kicking over traffic cones

I see a pigeon not so far

Dead on the road, run over by a car

All curtains closed in the windows and door

You'd think they were out well think some more

Depressed kinds hanging in the park

Better hurry home before it gets dark

Criminals, vandals lurking around

Families aren’t talking, not making a sound

Our community has gone down the drain

Now hurry home before it starts to rain

By Coco


Created in an ancient time,

London is a place of change innovation and creation,

A place of wealth with many a station,

Although a past of starvation,

Modern solutions have increased the happiness of the population,

At times London has had a few problems,

With pandemics and the environmental crisis,

The world a place of devastation,

But London still thrives,

Cars and tech belonging to the population,

Whilst others on the street begging in desperation,

London is different for everyone,

For some their livelihoods,

Others a place to stay,

And for many people London is home.

By Max

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