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Subject Stars: Year 7 Spanish!

By Leonore

7 Bolivar were recently asked to mobilize their first ever study of Spanish by painting an annotated portrait of themselves. The information that they shared were things like their passions, their family and their hobbies.

Their teacher, Mr Ackermann, said, “The emphasis was on writing creative and interesting sentences when introducing themselves on paper, writing about what they do and like."

The class submitted all of their pieces online and then the lovely 7 Bolivar class visited the exhibition on OneNote. They left comments and voted on the most creative entries and the ones using the most interesting language. Mr Ackermann stated, “The objective was to use their books, their practice on Education Perfect and their Knowledge Organizers to ensure their entry to the exhibit was linguistically creative.” He selected two incredible Bolivar pieces here made by Naomi and Camille. Well done!

We at The Bark thought these pieces of work were incredible as they exceeded all expectations. They are colorful, creative and interesting! Here is their work:

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