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Subject Stars: Year 8 Creative Writing

By Leonore

Recently, Year 8 students have been writing some fantastic stories in English. Ms. Wilson, their teacher, chose these specific pieces of amazing work. Here is what she had to say about the work: "The work we were doing was a story 'epic' where pupils had to build their weekly story with a new picture each time. Pupils were completing this work as part of their Grammar and creative writing KS3 scheme of work."

Ms Wilson added that, "The pupils' work that has been submitted was thorough, detailed and well thought out from beginning to end, which is a real skill considering this was a piece of work built over the whole course of a term.”

The work selected is by Imogen, Imogen and Rubi! Here is what one Imogen had to say about her work:

"At the beginning, I had a clear picture of what I wanted to write because the idea just randomly came to me but as the story went on and became more complex, I found it a bit harder. I didn’t particularly know how the ending should go and whether it would fit in with the rest of the story line. I found it challenging to write about the concept of what happens after death because no one really knows what happens when you die. I wanted to make it that my main character turned into a ghost, but I didn’t know what to do after that. All I knew I is that I wanted to make my story gruesome with lots of plot twists."

Well done to all three writers! You can read their fantastic, gruesome and terrifying stories below!

Imogen Ho’s Story

I felt the knife slide into my stomach. I felt the unbearable pain. I felt the blood ooze out of my cut and drip slowly onto the floor. I heard the screams of my family. I heard the desperate cries for an ambulance. I felt the rough hands pull me onto a stretcher. I tasted the blood in my mouth. I heard the beeps, the beeps of my last heartbeat. I felt death pulling me into its reach, like the light at the end of a tunnel. And I greeted it like an old friend, let it pull me and take me forever.

You see the funny thing is, I thought I was going to die. Now, that seems like a ridiculous idea. I remember thinking, please God take me to heaven but that isn’t what happens. You don’t go to heaven or hell, you become a spirit, a ghost or whatever you want to call it. You become transparent and just a silvery outline of the figure you used to be. I suppose it is annoying that I am still stuck in my 10-year-old self’s body. It doesn’t hurt becoming a ghost, just sort of a feeling that you’re flying but falling at the same time. To be honest, being a ghost is dull, so I decided to relive my death.

I saw the joy on Mum’s face when the birthday cake arrived. She had never looked happier. My older brother, Alex, was holding it; the ten candles illuminating his face. Then, I felt the pain, the pain of watching my death. It was like hope of being sucked from the world. The scream made my family turn their heads. I saw tears cascade from my Mum’s eyes. I tried to comfort her, but this is just a memory, so I am useless in it. I can’t speak or do anything, just watch my fate unfold beneath me. I was so preoccupied with watching my death that I almost missed seeing my murderer get away, didn’t see the sly smile on my dad’s face.

To tell you the truth, me and my dad never got on. He left my Mum when I was 4 and never came back. When I saw him kill me, I felt such anger that I wanted to kill him so that’s what I am going to do. I found him with his new wife, Joy, and knew he had betrayed me once and for all. I wrapped my hands around her neck and squeezed. The strangled chokes were like music to my ears. I had finally got my revenge. I knew I had succeeded when her lifeless body crumpled to the ground.

I guess it is quite confusing, but I can kill humans. I mean I killed my dad’s wife so I should I know. The best way to cause someone harm is to find what they love the most in the world and take it forever. I took what my dad loved the most and killed it with my bare hands. Joy will probably be joining me soon as a ghost but first I wanted to watch what I had been waiting for, my dad’s reaction. I can replay memories to my own advantage and access people’s minds. Well, anyway I saw my dad scream and almost faint in shock when he saw his wife being strangled by nothing (ghosts are invisible to the human world if you hadn’t realized.) “Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy!” he screamed getting louder and more exasperated each time. Suddenly I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time, emotions. After watching my dad, I felt sadness, empathy, sorrow, and love which is unusual to me. Even as an alive child, I rarely felt sorry for anyone but now as a ghost I just feel hatred towards others. I watched my dad kneel over his dead wife. I only have one memory of him which I usually choose to forget.

My Dad and Alex were watching a movie. He is 5 years older than me, so he picked to watch an Indiana Jones movie. I was only three and I was so scared that I ran out of the room and burst out crying. My Dad then comforted me, and we watched the movie together. However, only a few weeks later he left my Mum and didn’t even say goodbye to his two children. I hated him from then on.

I mean I don’t regret killing his wife at all, but I just have one question, why did he kill me? He never showed up for six years but then on my 10th birthday he came to my party and stabbed me. Thanks a lot Dad, such a great father. I was so absorbed in my thinking that I didn’t realize a silver figure with long hair touched my shoulder. I knew this was Joy. “Hello,” I said brightly. She looked confused at first but then realized something. “Y…y…your Sophia,” she stammered. She looked puzzled but understood I was Dad’s daughter. I didn’t realize this, but she also knew I killed her. In this ghost, you can only see the people who ended your life. She looked irate. I mean so mad that if I was alive, she would have killed me. She grabbed my skin and dug her nails into my skin. She ripped open the cut and pulled out a handful. A silverly liquid flowed out but it wasn’t like anything I had seen before. It looked like mercury but had a shimmery element to it. I tried to stop it flowing but it cascaded out like a silver waterfall. Soon, I felt everything rushing away from me and images pop into my mind. They were of Mum, Alex, me starting Primary School and me with my best friends. I guess this is what you call your life flashing before your eyes. Then I felt a rush of cold air and a wave of tiredness stumbled over me. I shut my eyes and landed with a thud somewhere. It felt soft and I realized it was a carpet. I stood up and felt I was a lot smaller and had long, blonde hair. This was so perplexing, I was sure I was going to die, again, but I was in the human world again. I heard a woman call, “Izzy, it’s time for dinner.” Who was Izzy and why was I in her body? That was the last I thought before I died, properly and forever. The world had finally gotten rid of me once and for all.

Rubi’s Story

‘Have all of you got your tickets?,’ Mum screamed, as if we were on the other side of the room. All of us nodded our heads reluctantly. You see, it was my birthday, and my Mum invited all my friends to watch a surprise movie in the cinema. ‘Please say it’s Indiana Jones! I love the part where he swings from building to building!,’ my friend Dan exclaimed. ‘No way, Riding Solo is by far the best. You know the one where this guy rides across the world and through forests and stuff!’ David said. In my head I was saying please don’t be one of those gross romantic films that Mum watches all the time.

It took ages for the man to check our tickets, but I guess he had check in everyone. When he was checking our names and tickets, my eyes couldn’t help but glue to his computer screen. There were colours and letters everywhere, yet it all seemed very neat and organised. It had the names of everyone in the cinema and the room they were in.

Finally, we were all sorted out and Mum lead us into a room with writing above the door saying, Anna and Manu – Room 7. I couldn’t help but think that this was the film we were going to be watching. I didn’t want to tell my friends in case they left immediately. Mum told us to go on a search for row G and choose our seats. I sat next to Dan and Karl was in the row in front of me next to David. Once we were all settled, Mum claimed that this was going to be a great day out and that she made plans for my Birthday cake to be dropped off. That’s the only part which engaged me, for the rest of her long lecture about how amazing my birthday was going to be, I zoned out. My eyes ended clipping onto the advert that flashed onto the screen. There was a sea of protesters chanting, ‘We are better than this.’ The advert ended abruptly when the lights dimmed completely as a slow, melancholy song played and a woman appeared on the screen. Straight away I knew exactly what this was going to be about. I saw Dan give a small sigh after the realisation that it was not Indiana Jones. I felt like telling my Mum that this was not working out and that this was the last thing my friends wanted to be wasting their time doing when they have videogames to play, but I knew she went to a lot of effort.

Eewwwwh. Gross. All my friends covered their eyes immediately right before I got a glance at the most disturbing image on the cinema screen. I don’t even want to describe it. It was basically the characters Anna and Manu….um…… kissing whilst a plane soared into the sunset in the background. My Mum was in awe whilst we all felt like puking.

‘Can we please just distract our_____.’ Dan was in mid-sentence when the lights flickered off before dying and leaving us in internal darkness. I think we were all relieved that we didn’t have to watch the movie anymore, but a slight surge of shock hit us all like a wave against a rock. What had happened? Everyone in the cinema rose from their seats at the sudden surprise, searching their way through the darkness, hoping to reach the door. I clambered my way to the exit, totally shaken at the fact that there was no sign of light. I fiddled my hand onto the handle and pulled the door, but it didn’t open. I stepped cautiously back to Mum if I could find her in this complete darkness.

I could now feel my heart thumping violently against my chest. I felt isolated in the never-ending darkness and more vulnerable than I ever had been. I could hear gasps from rows beneath us, thinking about what would happen if none of us could get out. Visions flashed through my mind.

We were all locked up for what felt like hours when a loud, booming sound interrupted the silence:

‘There has been an incident within the cinema.’ Everyone gasped, having the sensation about what had happened. I tumbled, checking if everyone was here but of course the darkness was against me. The tormenting voice continued. ‘We are investigating the situation in greater depth, however, this should not be your main concern.’ I was expecting a shriek or shrill voice sound after this statement, however, everyone was too shaken by the situation that they just wanted to find out what on earth this man was on about. ‘Two people, by the names of Jacob and Joy, have been found missing yet there is no chance that they had departed room 7’. I felt my heart move into my throat after scrolling back to the entry of the cinema room. We were in room 7. If we were all locked up, then Jacob and Joy did not escape.

The environment changed dramatically from eerie to chaotic after the voice had finished its speech. I could hear Mum sobbing in a direction which I could not determine, and I just wish I was able to make my way to her. I used the most useful sense to me at the time and listened to everything going around me. I must have been close to the door because I could hear people scurrying and running around frantically as if they were in search of something. Everyone in room 7, however, were still as there was nowhere to go.

The first slither of light peeped through underneath the door where I was standing. Someone must be investigating, I thought. However, those thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a blood-curdling shriek that sounded like it was coming from only a few rows down. The police bombarded in and removed a pale, quivering woman from the room instantaneously. A stunned silence spread throughout the room like a wildfire before a voice pierced through once again like a bullet to a body.

‘The police have concluded that Jacob and Joy have not just gone missing. They were murdered and their bodies were found shortly after the power cut in Room 7.’ The whole room filled with despair as the word ‘murder’ vibrated from the anonymous voice. ‘Ms Walker, a close witness of the murder was sitting next to the couple during the commencing of the movie.’

If Ms Walker was only a couple of rows in front of me and Jacob and Joy were right next to her, then……. . The murderer was not only in the room, filled with inevitable darkness, the murderer was close. Too close. ‘Stay calm whilst we are investigating the situation. The murderer will be caught, and the power will be fixed.’ A question ran repeatedly through my head. How many victims would there be before the criminal is caught? The small peep of light beneath the door allowed me to recognise a face. I died with Karl’s menacing, vengeful eyes, piercing through my soon soulless body.

Imogen Ha’s Work:


When I was seven, my sister went missing. She had been gone for weeks. Weeks turned into months and months turned into years. I cried for her. I tried to find her but there was never any luck. We mourned for her. We had a funeral. My heart stopped when I heard her name. My eyes stung when I saw her grave.

I am twelve now and I have spent my whole life waiting for my sister to return. I have spent all my free time looking for clues about where she could be. My mother and father gave up on her long ago constantly telling me she was up there in the sky. I didn't want to believe them. I wouldn't give up on her. Today is the day I will find her. Today is the day I will feel her warm hug, her soft hand stroking my head. I will search for her and I will find her. I know she is there. I can feel it. I can almost see her.

I jumped out of bed and started packing my bag. I should have been happy, excited, I was about to find my sister, but something was not right, something I feel she has caused. Screaming? Shouting? What was it? I picked up my pace, I tiptoed down the stairs and swiftly wrote a letter to my parents.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I know you think she is gone but I don't think so. I am going to find her. I will bring her back. I promise. I love you. Don't worry about me.

Love Anna

I left the letter on the table next to Dad's cup. I felt tears fighting their way through my eyes, but I had to be strong. I swallowed and took a deep breath. It was time for me to find my sister. I picked up my bag and shoved on my shoes. My heart told me to go but my brain told me to stop. I pushed the shouting voice out of my mind and ran out the door. I expected the streets to be empty. It was 4 O'clock in the morning; however, hundreds of people were out there all screaming and holding up banners. That is what the shouting was, a protest! As quickly as I could, I fought my way through the crowd of people. It smelt like a smoldering ember. My eyes stung with the reeking stench of alcohol. I glanced at one of the many banners and it said, 'Where is she?' What did it mean? I looked at another and it had the words, 'We are better than this!' Written in bold. What were they protesting for? Who is 'she'? Was this some deranged dream? Was it real? My head ached. WHY? What was going on? Then I heard it.... a voice calling "Anna, Anna HELP!" I knew who it was, and I was going to them. I forced myself to move. My bones hurt. My eyes stung as I pushed my way through the crowded streets. I heard the voice again this time it was screeching, crying, "Anna! Hurry up! HELP ME!" I started to run. I tried to speak, shout to who was calling to me, but a roaring sound drowned my voice away. I darted my head up. A plane was closer than ever. I felt the force of it nearly knock me over. I stumbled back; I was strong. I stood up to my full height and stormed to the voice. I passed houses, shouting people, fires! I couldn't hide the fear inside of me. I couldn't hide the tears of sadness. I want my sister. I can feel her energy. I can hear her voice but where is she? Where is my sweet loving sister? I slumped down by a tree trunk and held my head in my hands. I cried and cried. Just as I lost all hope, I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I smelt sweet cake and sensed warm candles. I looked up and saw a boy, a smiling boy. What was there to be happy about!? I was about to tell him to go away when he said in a sweet dulcet voice, "Hi I am Alex." Why did he look so happy? Why did he have a cake?

"It is my birthday today, would you like some cake?"

What was wrong with him!? I couldn't take it anymore. I got up and ran. I tried to get away from it all but no matter how far I ran, it was all still there. I ran, I sprinted. My throat was burning. I stopped for a short rest and put my hands on my knees.

I heard music. Wedding music? I slowly lifted my head and sure enough there was a wedding. WHAT!!! A huge banner was above a happy-looking couple. It said, ' Joy and Jacob are newly married.' Who was stupid enough to have a the middle of a riot!? My mind spun with questions, but I pushed on through. I needed to find the voice that was calling me. I needed to get out of here. I wouldn't stop running until I got out of this mess. I sprinted past a house made of glass. It glinted in the sun. I saw movement coming from inside, so I ran towards it. I peered inside and saw a huge tv playing Indiana Jones. The people watching looked so still I wondered if they were real. I stayed a few more seconds. I was almost going to leave when an old, rotting corpse smashed into the window in front of me. I screamed. I ran. My throat hurt but I still screamed. My chest burnt but I still ran. Fear took over me, but I was still going to find my sister. As I was running, I saw the streets flash past me.

After what felt like hours, I saw that the once busy streets were deserted, covered in moss, and destroyed. Was this our world? The green leaves choked the crumbling buildings. Screams could be heard from miles away. What was this place? I felt the urge to run. Roars could be heard every second, it felt as if a dark shadow was clutching my fast-beating heart. As fast as I could, I sprinted. Tripping and stumbling as I heard the roars of death coming closer. My pounding heart was leaping like a leopard. Sweat dripped down my face. I pressed my cold hand against my forehead to cool it down. "Could someone help me!" I screamed. No one came. I kept running. I knew my face had an expression on it that told people to run. I heard calls in my head, however, this time it was a different person. It was calling, "Anna what are you doing Anna HELP ME!" It was the deafening calls of Emma, my best friend. An image popped into my head. I didn't want to see it. I tried to push it away. It was an image of Emma being taken away, being killed. Was it real? Had I really ignored the crying calls of my friend? Had I really saved myself and let her die? The image was still there. I tried again to discard it, but nothing happened. I still ran. Tears are now streaming down my face. The image felt familiar like a dream I couldn't quite reach. My heart ached as I thought of my loving friend. She was gone. I had been selfish and left her to die. I tumbled down to the floor. I tried to get up, but the weight of guilt held me down pinned to the floor like it was dragging me down, down, down to the core of the earth. I crawled as fast as I could. I was in so much sadness I couldn't feel the tiny teeth of the grit biting into my flesh. I turned into a dark, moss-covered alleyway. I was alone, forgotten. With no friends, no sister, and no family. I cried all my sole out. I cried until what was left of me felt like a pile of clothes, old and dirty. I was ready for my life to end when I saw a glowing light come from the wall opposite me. I looked up to see what it was. I tried to stand but my legs crumpled in a heap under me. I continuously tried until finally......success! With determination, I scratched away at the wall. I froze when I saw what was there. My body was filling the brim with joy. For there was my sister smiling at me. It all felt too quick to be true. It all felt not real......but it was. I ran into her arms overjoyed to feel her warm embrace. To see her soft smile. I had found her. My sister was back. However, something was not right. It was how she was calling me for help. Or it was the blood on her hands of how her teeth looked sharper than normal.

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