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Subject Stars: Year 8 English

By Morven and Leonore

Lauren in Year 8, an 'outstanding student' according to Ms Alabi, completed this homework about the Victorian workhouses. They were tasked to write a 'dramatic opening for a scene in Victorian London'. Miss Alabi described Lauren's work as, 'Exceptionally written. Her use of metaphor and imagery create a sense that we too are venturing the grimy streets of London. Her personification of the inanimate objects add to the eeriness of the Evan house. Lauren has created a world within her book which everyone should dive into!'

We at The Bark think Lauren's work is fantastic. The description is outstanding and creepy (which is very fitting for the piece).

Lauren said she felt very thankful to Miss Alabi and also her classmate Imogen for nominating her. Lauren told us, “When I was writing my story, the assignment was to write an opening set in the Victorian era and at that time we were looking at crime so it inspired me to do one about murder.” She also stated that she felt proud as her first piece of homework in year 8 was submitted to The Bark. Well done, Lauren!

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