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by Kevin Ly, Year 9

Isha in Year 8 has been chosen as a Geography Subject Star by Ms Taylor! Isha was tasked to write a newspaper article on Ethiopia's dam, the GERD, after debating about whether Ethiopia should build it or not. She really has shown exceeding skill!

Ms. Taylor herself told us here at The Bark that, "Isha's piece really demonstrated the hard work she put into it with details such as a catchy headline, detailed quotes, and professional formatting. The range of Geography in her article was exceptional, discussing topics and providing a level of detail of a GCSE Geographer."

In my own opinion, I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Taylor as Isha has given statistics, terms, regions and has explored her understanding of Geography.

Isha herself has told us, "I am very excited to have been chosen. I put a lot of effort into the work and am really glad it will be shown to others. I learnt so many facts about the GRD while doing the research." Of her teacher, Isha went on to say, "I really like Ms. Taylor's lessons because I learn so many new things about Geography."

I must agree with Isha here; Ms. Taylor is a brilliant teacher. She works hard at her job and gives it her all. You can read her brilliant work in full below!

Trouble in the Nile

Should Ethiopia build the G.E.R.D?

The River Nile has a record of being the longest river on Earth. It has around 4,132 miles of water; flowing through countries such as Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and many more. However, when it comes to sharing the Nile’s water, there has been some conflict. Mainly between the 3 three countries: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. The one reason that is responsible for this conflict is the G.E.R.D (the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam). The purpose of this dam is to improve the electricity production and water supply system in Ethiopia, but there are some features from this dam that will have many negative effects on these two other countries.

The G.E.R.D is a dam that will be built in Ethiopia. The construction of this dam began in 2011 on the 2nd of April. Since then, there has been many debates on if this dam should be constructed at all.

One big reason that Ethiopia wants to build this dam is to provide more electricity for the country and support the development in Urban and Rural areas. With 6,000 megawatts of electricity, this could power approximately 1.2 million homes. This type of electricity will also help to expand businesses and help with the economic development. The large amount of electricity being powered can help with educational purposes.

Even though there are many benefits of the dam that involve electricity and power, the G.E.R.D is not only meant for this. This new water system from the Nile will have a large effect on Sudan, and its chances of unexpected flooding. This is because the G.E.R.D will be capable of handling a flood of 19,370 cubic meters per second. It will also reduce approximately 40km of flooding in Sudan. And alluvium (clay, silt, or sand) by 100 million cubic meters.

"I appeal to the Ethiopian government to show beyond doubt that they will use this dam responsibly caring for those in need downstream. This may well be their intention. But it is clear that other countries are worried. Please show that this dam is not a reason to worry."

However, there are many disadvantages to building the G.E.R.D. There may be many benefits for Ethiopia, but it will be affecting 2 main countries (as the Nile passes through these countries). These 2 countries are Egypt and Sudan. As was mentioned before, the G.E.R. D will be capable of reducing alluvium. However, it will also be removing and reducing fertile land. This means that this will have a major effect on farming and agriculture, as fertile land is needed in order to farm and provide food.

“The Christian understanding of natural resources is that they are good thing given to all people by a loving and generous creator”

This will also disrupt job opportunities for citizens such as fishing and farming. As the G.E.R.D will have a major effect on farming due to the reduction of fertile land. Families will be unable to provide not only food, but any money to support them.

There may be many benefits from the G.E.R.D that will massively improve Ethiopia’s development for important things like education, agriculture and the economy. However, there are some long-term effects from this dam to think about that may be negative. As many people are only prioritizing Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan may be in danger of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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