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Subject Stars: Year 8 Geography Letters

By Nasra

In Geography, Year 8s were studying the costs and benefits of solar panels. Inspired by their studies and the current global issue of climate change, they wrote letters to our school principal, Ms Edis, asking that we install solar panels on the school roof.

These pieces are incredible and demonstrate the passion of our students for this cause. Their sheer knowledge of the topic is clearly and eloquently expressed in their work.

Recently, I got to speak to some of these students about their work. They gave me some of their top tips on how to write like they did.

One of the students I interviewed was Ella and she said, ‘You have to structure the letter in a certain way to put your point across clearly. It is also important to be persuasive, especially since this is such an important topic we are discussing.’

Year 8s expressed their pride at being chosen as the subject stars by their teacher, Ms Taylor. She said she was very proud of them and we at the Bark agree too! Well done Year 8! You can read their letters by viewing the PDF file below.

Letters to Ms Edis (1)
Download PDF • 7.72MB

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