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Subject Stars: Year 9 Spanish

By Ella

Day of the Dead is an annual celebration in Latin America taking place on November 1st-2nd celebrating the lives of those lost through food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in both the cemetery in the house.

Whilst the celebrations originated in Mexico, the fiesta is enjoyed by millions worldwide. In the weeks leading up to the festivities, Year 9 were just some of those getting involved and learning about events: speaking about the festival in Spanish in “fluent, colorful accounts full of detail.”

Mia and Amelie were included in this, giving spoken descriptions that were “not only lively, but also give a very personal reaction to this wonderful but puzzling tradition.” Mr Ackerman further explains why these two students were chosen as, “they showcase what level of spoken language achieved by our students after a bit more than two years of learning.” especially after lockdown where "[there were] not as many opportunities to do speaking during the past 18 months as we would have liked to have.”

The recording themselves, attached, are extremely impressive and Amelie herself was, “incredibly proud of [her] progress in Spanish over the last few years.”

¡Buen trabajo! You can listen to their excellent performances below the image!



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