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  • Ava Succar

What’s hidden beneath the surface?

Hidden disability awareness is crucial for all of us in today's society - By Ava Succar

As we know not all brains work the same and it's not weird. It's just being different.

My sister has a hidden disability. She suffers from autism. A lot of days, I come home from school and I find her waiting for me to return. As I step through the door, she asks when she can come to either my primary or secondary school. I tell her that she will be able to come soon, but sometimes I know that would be hard. As she has now gone into Year 5, my parents are starting to look for new schools for her.

What made me the saddest is that in this borough there are only a few schools that offer comprehensive support to people with hidden disabilities. Thankfully, Bolingbroke Academy is a disabled-friendly school. There are children with autism, dyslexia, hearing issues and many more hidden disabilities. I hope one day my sister will be one of them.

What can you do to help?

All people should be respected and treated the way you would want to be treated.

Let’s stand together and make everyone feel safe at school. Let’s stand together and stop bullying. Let’s stand together and make our school a place where everyone can flourish.

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