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WINNER: Coming of Age

Aiya in Year 8 wins for this brilliant poem which reflects on all her wonderful memories from growing up. Aiya said: This poem is a summary of the fun memories I have. I think that they are relatable for other people too and this poem will hopefully unlock their childhoods. I hope it will be a touching reminder. Too often, we don't look back at the old things, or see the world as we used to view it.

I Remember

I remember watching 'slime videos'

I remember loving to play with dolls

I remember loving to paint since nursery

I remember my favourite friends from Primary

I remember loving small animal rubbers

I remember all my midnight feasts

I remember buying Cheese strings to eat

I remember having mum pick me up from school

I remember when tests weren't important

I remember when school seemed just for fun

I remember trying out for Athletics

And I remember getting in each year

I remember all the different school trips

I remember in Primary having specific felt tips

I remember in lunch, sharing sweets

I remember playing Cops and Robbers with 6DG

I remember playing fun games at lunch

I remember working hard for dojo's

I remember the big cushions in class

I remember the small bookshelf too

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