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Here is a wonderful portfolio of poetry by Ms Alabi's Year 7 Reading Group, 7 Queen Mary. Ms Alabi said: We spent a lesson outside in the Butterfly Garden using the natural world as a springboard for poetry. We focused on the POWER that NATURE has and below are four short entries on different aspects of the beauty we saw.

'7Queen-Mary Collective: The Power of Nature'


Leaves fluttering in the breezes Flowers waving in the wind The foxglove bends over and sneezes Oh, dandelion; oh, dandelion The beat of the sun on pale flesh A caterpillar crawls across a leaf Birds dancing and perching on the mesh Oh, dandelion; oh, dandelion Two boys laughing in the shade Ants crawling across their knees being poked by the grass's blades Oh, dandelion; oh, dandelion Oh so gentle dandelion Oh how you flutter Oh how you wave Oh, dandelion; oh, dandelion By Eddie

Just a Speck of Dust

Just a speck of dust

Travelling on some wind

Watching the world go by

The bright hedgerows

The dandelion fields

Birds leaping off branches to fly

But some of these birds

They could not fly

So dropped to the ground like a stone

I floated past

Watching them die

Then landed in an iceream-cone

By Coco

3pm in the Butterfly Garden

As you walk through the shiny silver gate,

They will shut if you are late.

The colourful pebbles lay on the ground,

trees and plants are all around.

Bikes shining out in the sun,

But you can't ride them in here so that's not fun.

The berries in the trees will drop when you shake it,

The don't taste so good unless you're willing to fake it.

By Archie

The Foxglove Garden

The wind played with the leaves and foxglove branches. Reaching out to explore and the tree aspiring to reach the sky. Grass stooped over mimicking the foxglove leaves. Dead plants lay fallen on the ground, other plants dreading that day. Foxgloves wrapped their growth to the wooden post. It helped the young birch stand and grow as big as the trees over the hedge, which they envied for its age. Hedges cast much needed shade over the lucky grass dancing in the wind.

By Dominic

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