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Bella in Year 11 wins for for a rousing poem that explores what POWER truly means for her. As an editorial team, we reread the poem many times and found that each fresh analysis brought us a completely new interpretation. It is a brilliant and mysterious piece of writing.


Power circumvents us

It diverts us

Divides us

It dies for us

Kills for us

It takes our brothers

And shakes them

Awakes them

Mistakes them

And berates them

It shouts from the core

And radiates from the sun

It ignores our cries

And triumphs our lies

Power is Impossible to forget

It is Existential regret

with greedy tendrils

Wrapping and twisting

While we sleep

And when we wake

It is too late

power has engulfed the brain

With nothing left to gain

And when we realise that Power is in the driving seat

Our hearts fall to our feet

we are now powerless to the power

Oh, Omnipotent power

gushing in blood

Ravishing eyes

Jealous green power

War red power




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